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December 28, 2016 / birchaven—1973-GMC-Motorhome/3699431.html

January 10, 2016 / birchaven

It can be done!

The GMC motorhome crawled up the road to hurricane ridge just fine good oil pressure, no brake issues, trans didn’t get hot (probably the below freezing temps)  because it was sunny up there the solar effect warmed up the coach nicely and provided an excellent little cabin on the mountain.



November 14, 2014 / birchaven

Redwood forests

A memorial trip South to visit cousins Tom, Jim, Bill and Steve in honor of Beatrice Birch.

Of course we got a late start,  things needed to be packed,  it wouldn’t be a GMC trip unless the coach were swaying in the airbags from the excess weight.  There we were loaded refrigerator full of never to be eaten fruit.  Every nook and cranny stuffed and overflowing with indulgent maybes.

Beautiful weather on the way down,  we broke from I5 around Grants pass and headed for the 101 coast and freedom.

Soon we were past Eureka then on to huge inspiring trees,  I remember waking up and sneaking the coach out early while Rainy was still sleeping in the coach so she could wake up to the giants,  and I wasn’t disappointed.

P1530418 P1530371 P1530398

Onward South through the forest fires of Northern California down highway 101 until we reached LA.  Were able to scooter around LA through Beverly hills and the surrounding canyons it was a blast.

My daughter became all fangirl when she found the Audry Hepburn star.


Another adventure in the GMC!  even parking isn’t a real problem with only 23 feet.




April 29, 2014 / birchaven

Merlin Mann will discuss the GMC

Merlin Mann will discuss the GMC

October 6, 2013 / birchaven

That’s fast!

August 9, 2013 / birchaven

Visit from Ken!

I was able to welcome Ken Henderson of electric wiper fame. His coach was beautiful, I took Ken and his wife Elaine up to Hurricane ridge for some mountain sight seeing.
Link to Electric wipers here.


February 9, 2013 / birchaven

Bathroom Modifications



Veneer under the vomit green wall covering is a combination of Walnut, oak, and Birch veneer….. why cover this up?  I’ve stripped the horrific plastic wall covering and will be sanding and treating the wood,  LED accents wired to a wall switch are a welcome change also.

February 9, 2013 / birchaven

Back up Cameras

Rear Bath versions of the GMC were not really popular because it was difficult to see through the rear window and they robbed room from sleeping arrangements.  I’m trying to work around these issues,  one way was to install a two DIN Sony radio/DVD player anticipating multiple back up cameras.  Prices have come down these last years, so I’m going to install at least two, this player will allow for video switching, play Pandora, and is generally awesome.  It also charges, and will play the stuff on my iphone.


February 9, 2013 / birchaven

Winter Modifications Continue

Not idle this winter, interior modifications continue back to front I’m attempting to make modifications and still be able to use the coach.  Most exhaustive so far has been the new floor,  out with the carpet, and in with vinyl!  my advice if you do this get a vinyl without a symmetrical pattern like this one.  We put in tile patterned vinyl sections and it was a nightmare keeping the pattern symmetrical.  Wood grained or any other pattern with asymmetrical lines would have been a breeze to cut.  Much was wasted keeping the tiles in line.

LED accent lighting on the floor is cool!  added some rubber cove base, but the stuff is heavy so I don’t like using too much.


January 4, 2013 / birchaven

LED lighting

Found these can lights from EVER lighting on amazon, they’re cheap, but give the interior of the coach a high end custom look and draw very little power. P1210772