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January 13, 2012 / birchaven


  If the GMC motorhome is anything it is a good platform,  meaning at the core it is a good place to start building.  “A good platform”  is what the GMC shares with the Toyota FJ40,  and no one understands this more than Jonathan Ward  at ICON.  He has transformed the classic Toyota 4×4 into a modern balanced efficient tool.    Stainless fasteners,  mechanical access,  use of materials with careful planning and thought blended into a vehicle most worthy of hydrocarbons.     They are so beautiful fuel may just fall from the sky so it has the privilege of being burned in this machine.    Thought is everywhere,  small details that would go unnoticed make car guys like me cry. It is also what I want to do with the GMC,  massage it into something thought about…….

Thank you for your time and inspiration Mr Ward even if a little ICON rubs off into this project I will consider it blessed.

Check out ICON motors at


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