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January 30, 2012 / birchaven

Bob and the screen door.

I was reading through my E-mails and ran across one from Bob Burkitt who is continuing and improving the screen door business started by grandfather Alex.  It was a great and heartfelt note that brought a tear to my eye.  We were discussing how to remove the hinge pins from a GMC door in order to install the screen door.  I’ve blasted them with PB blaster,  and tried a sledge but began mushrooming the end and stopped.  Bob’s method is much more surgical using an air chisel and forcing the pin out, I’m going to try that soon.

He also sent me this photo of Al installing a door.

if you look past him you can see that crappy yellow foam insulation that was sprayed on the door,  it’s the stuff I removed and replaced with dynamat that made a huge difference!  the road noise is greatly reduced.

Thank you Bob for sharing your memories.




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